The Relationship

We hope you enjoy our analogy of the bonding process you will experience during the design and building of your Custom Home.

The progression of building your custom home is a long term committed RELATIONSHIP with your builder, the project, and your family. If you know what to expect when you are "expecting", you can enjoy enjoy the building process and avoid stress.

The Building Team Courtship

This can be days, weeks, months or years of meeting with to you, looking at your scrapbooks, reworking your floor plans, talking about your dreams and possibilities, and getting the information we need to help design your perfect home and prepare a detailed budget estimate for you. This is where we review your designs and make any major improvements or modifications. This is when we both decide if we are a good fit for you in your journey towards your dream home.

The Builder Engagement

As with any committed relationship, entrusting us with your home building project is a huge commitment. You choose to trust us to follow through, be loyal, and make you our first priority...we make a commitment to cherish you as a client, communicate to the best of our ability, and watch out for your budget when you sign a contract to build your home with us.

The  Wedding Contract 

For better or for worse, this is when all the budgeting comes into play. As with a wedding, if you spend more on the dress, you might spend less on the flowers...this is the time when you honestly decide what is important to you, and we finalize your budget with hard bids from our subcontractors and suppliers. This is also the time the government gets involved to make everything official from site plan review to building permits and fees.

The Construction Honeymoon

This can be the fun part! The anticipation is over and it is finally a reality! We will break ground. You get to visit our suppliers for final selections in appliances, flooring, cabinets, lighting and more of the things that make a house a home! Your logs will be delivered and the progress is easy to see on a daily basis. This is a time of wonder and discovery.

The 10 month Pregnancy

This is the time from groundbreaking until the last few weeks before Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.). You get to watch your baby grow from a hole in the ground to a finished home. You will still have choices to make just like awaiting a baby...but the choices are smaller and more cosmetic...paint and stain colors, final flooring colors, last minute lighting etc. It can sometimes feel like you are waiting forever for that delivery date so you can move in...but be patient...this is when we have precision work to complete to assure your home is comfortable, safe, meets all codes, is built with the highest quality, and nothing is left to chance. Plan on site visits and budget reviews approximately every 6 weeks ...consider these your Pre-natal checkups! You may also visit our web site weekly for photos of the recent work completed.

Labor and Delivery of your Dream Home

Birthing the Baby can be a stressful time. You may have as many as 30-40 workers running around the delivery room hanging lights and fixtures, painting, installing flooring etc. during the last 4 weeks of your project. Although we can usually estimate within 6-weeks when the home should be completed, sometimes unforeseen occurrences will speed up or delay a Certificate of Occupancy. Don't plan a big party or furniture delivery on a specific date until the C.O. is issued, it is bound to cause you unnecessary stress! Let nature take its course and know that Brian and his crew are just as anxious to gently and lovingly hand over your home to you as soon as it has all of its fingers and toes and is ready to breathe on its own!

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