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When interviewing potential builders for your Custom Home, make sure you come prepared with a written list of questions to assure you are making an accurate and fair comparison of both working habits and budget related concerns.
Some builders have office staff and crew carpenters; others "do it all" from G.C. Supervision to bookkeeping out of their truck with a series of sub-contractors and no staff. Less overhead may mean less customer service. Too much overhead could lead to hidden fees and expenses. Find a builder you feel comfortable with that you believe will give you the attention to detail you require at a fair and transparent cost.
Some suggested questions on first meeting could include:

1. Does your quoted cost per square foot include site development, blue prints and any permits or fees? Or, is that a separate budget?
2. Can you help evaluate building sites and work with the architect for the most efficient design?
3. Who is responsible for finish selections? Do you work with a local Interior Designer? Or do you have staff Design Consultants? How is this paid for? Is there an hourly rate or flat fee? Is it included with construction contract?
4. How accurate can I expect my preliminary budget be to final building cost? What is your historical track record?
5. How do you handle change orders?
6. Do I pay for a hourly on-site supervisor? Or, is supervision included in my General Contracting fee?
7. Who pays for insurance and overhead on my project?
8. How often will you have contractor/ owner walk through and budget to date meeting?
9. Will you see copies of all bids and final bills? If so, how will those be shared?
10. How long will it take to build your home?
11. Can you have a list of references/homeowners contacts over the past 2-5 years?
12. Can we walk through/ site visit previous homes you built of similar size or style?
13. Is the person you negotiate your home project with the same person on your job site?
14. Have you ever been involved in a lawsuit or construction defects claim? If so, what were the circumstances and resolution?
15. Do you guarantee all subcontractors have appropriate liability insurance?

Brian L. Wray in
Breckenridge, CO on Houzz
Brian L. Wray in
Breckenridge, CO on Houzz
Brian L. Wray in
Breckenridge, CO on Houzz
Brian L. Wray in
Breckenridge, CO on Houzz

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