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Design- What should you expect from your Interior Designer?

When I tell people what I do, they say "that sounds like so much fun!", they're imagining shopping all day picking paint and fabric colors. But a Designer does a lot more than choose pretty things.

The right designer will:

Incorporate your lifestyle needs into Design- this requires good listening and an understanding of how spaces will be used by both you, your family & guests. Sometimes counseling skills and incorporated when the homeowners don't have the same goals for a space. Finding products that are both functional and meet the everyday use they are intended for can be tricky.
Incorporate your personal style into the Design- by looking at photos of other projects, magazine and web photos a Designer should be able to narrow down the direction of a project in the first meeting. We use Houzz.com and Pinterest as good starting points. Other resources are regional magazines like Mountain Living, or style specific magazines like Log home Living. Be sure to have some of these ideas ready for that first meeting so you don't get off in the wrong direction. A good design fit is one that gives you the look you are excited about, not the designers own vision alone.
Find the right products for the right price to fit your budget- a Designer can often time SAVE you money on your project. Designers qualify for Wholesale or Designer prices from their suppliers. In a perfect world, your Design fees are covered by the gap between retail and wholesale pricing. A designer can also save you with time. Your designer should already have an identified list of suppliers that will not require hours of your time sifting through too many choices. We try to limit selections of tile, lighting, paint colors to no more than 3 in each category. This keeps the project moving in the right direction and eliminates client brain overload. Limiting selections to those in your budget can also reduce the opportunity for disappointment by keeping the proposed items within the projected budget and not falling in love with a $10,000 chandelier when you have $2000 in the budget!
Hire & supervise qualified Subcontractors – this assures quality workmanship and completion of the project in the allotted timeline. Hiring the same trusted painter, carpenter, plumber, electrician or other tradesman can be priceless. By using the Designer's designated subs, you can be assured they will do a good job as they wish for future work from that designer; and your designer has a history with the subcontractor. You don't have to rely on internet, phone book, or newspaper ads and hope you got a sub with integrity and expertise.
Keep current on market trends and manufacturers products – this expertise helps assure that your Green projects qualify for LEEDS or Energy Star; that your fabrics and flooring will be both beautiful and durable; and that your home will incorporate "trends" in moderation while offering solid foundation for timeless design.
The better you communicate with your Designer, the better your project will be! Don't be afraid to ask questions, don't be afraid to talk about money, and don't be afraid to speak up if you think your Designer is not really listening to you.



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