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General Contractor is like an Orchestral Conductor



It struck me watching the final stages of new construction this week that the General Contractor's roll in Custom Home Building is more important than ever keeping everyone scheduled and doing their job right at the right time. The timing and movement around the job with various sub-contractors reminded me of watching an expert Orchestra Conductor at work. Just like with a fine piece of music, if the horns come in before the strings are done they overshadow the nuance and sounds. Or if the percussionist forgets to do his part at the precise moment, the composer's work is compromised or maybe ruined completely if there is a build up to an emotional moment that is lost. If your first chair violinist doesn't show up in time for the big performance, a key character is missing that affects everyone else. If instruments are not tuned precisely for the performance, the end result is not as good as it could be. Having one person responsible for all aspects of the performance is key to the success. Just like having the General Contractor coordinating all the personnel and details of scheduling, ordering, and installing items that contribute to the Custom Home, the Conductor may not be playing the instruments, but nobody knows what to do or when to do it without him!

General Contractor must know every aspect of the homes from excavation to door knobs...not unlike the Conductor having to know every instrument's part in a piece of music. The Blue Prints or Structural Plans are the Contractor's sheet music. Everything he needs to know is there, he just needs to know how to read it and study it in depth to assure everyone that has a part is scheduled and following the "sheet music" to the letter. The language of building in R-values, beam sizes, fasteners, clearances, codes and more is like a foreign language, not unlike reading sheet music, it comes as second nature to your Contractor. An average Custom Home requires the work of over 75 different suppliers, tradesman, sub-contractors and more. Coordinating these in the right order is a major part of your General Contractor's responsibility. Your General Contractor is always one step ahead of the current stage of project. Knowing lead times for materials and being prepared with them on site at the time they are needed it key in keeping a "performance" moving forward. A Conductor needs to know which instrument or group of instruments comes next so he is prepared to bring them into the performance. .The simplest oversight can delay a project, and time is money

If you are considering orchestrating your own Custom Build or Remodel project, decide first if you are skilled enough to keep 70+ trades "playing" in harmony.



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