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Identifying Log Styles and Species

When choosing the log style and species for your home there are several factors to consider.


  1. Canadian Western Red Cedar Hand Logs are known for their rich coloring, larger diameter (up to 40"), flared tails or "root bloom" and character with burls and other unique features. Due to their large size and drama, they are best used in homes over 3000 square feet. These logs are Hand Crafted in a Swedish Cope, Shrink to Fit, Chink-less style stack and are know of the dramatic Butterfly Notch Corners and Alaskan Staggered Tail Corners.
  2. Machine Milled Pine Logs are a more consistent shape. The milling allows for a uniform log wall with straight lines. These can start as small as 7" up to about 12" in diameter. Machine Milled logs can be Swedish Cope and may or may not require chinking depending on the style chosen. These logs are a good choice when your style is less rustic, the home is under 3000 square feet. The Milled logs also lend themselves to a more contemporary decorating style if desired. The corners will be very straight, and the ends may be blunt are arch cut.
  3. Beetle Pine Hand Crafted offer a traditional rustic log cabin feel. Usually of locally harvested timber, the grey/blue streaks make some people call this "blue pine". These logs will have worm holes and other irregularities and character markings that may make the stain inconsistent. Average diameter 10-14" and suitable for a variety of home sizes.


Western Red Cedar Homes do require more budget commitment than Pine Log Homes. This is due in part to the size and age of the logs harvested, the superior craftsmanship required to carve and notch each log by hand, and the distance the materials need to travel to your home site. On average, a Canadian Cedar Log Package will cost about double the package price of a locally harvested Beetle Pine package. Milled Log Packages can be value priced if you go with a stock floor plan from the log supplier. Some of these homes can ship in as little as 4 weeks from commitment date due to the blueprints already being programmed into their computerized milling equipment.

Floor Plan & Design

Larger Western Red Cedar Logs are best used in homes over 3,000 square feet on one level. Due to their large diameter and heavy timber beam and trusses they can make a moderate home feel small if the spaces are not open enough. Milled log homes lend themselves very well to more co mpartmentalized floor plans, and work extremely well in "hybrid" homes that are part log and part traditional framing and drywall. Their uniform size and shape allows for framed walls and log walls to marry beautifully at the transition points. Local Beetle Pine Logs are best with simple floor plans with limited corners...good shapes are rectangles, "T's" and "L's". If you floor plan has more complicated roof lines, foundation, corners, and angled walls you should consider a Log Timber Frame, Log Accented or Log Sided Home.









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