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Tips for Finding the Right Builder

Building a Custom home can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. But it can also be one of the most stressful if your expectations are not in line with the scope of your project. Finding the right Contractor to run your project is the key to success. Follow these tips and you are sure to get the end result you hope for. Be prepared to be involved in the process, there are hundreds of decisions to make, however, take your professional's advice.

1. Educate yourself. Cost per square foot does not always take into consideration critical quality differences between builders. When collecting bids, ask questions, make sure the materials bid are identical to the specifications in your plans. When there is a large discrepancy, ask questions. Some builders include site development, permits and other fees in the price per foot quote...others have a separate "development" budget. Know what you are paying for up front.

2. Choose your builder early in the process so they can work with your realtor on proper site selection. A good partner builder will work with your architect and/or draftsman to assure the best access and site plan, that views and sun are maximized, and a good builder can coordinate budget saving suggestions in roof and foundation design. Let your builder help negotiate the financing with a realistic cost to build the project in your area.

3. Choose a Builder your feel compatible with. Building a Custom Home can take a year or longer, and is a highly personal and emotional experience. Be sure you like, trust and communicate well with the Builder and his Team. If you communicate well with your builder you will better understand the ramifications of any changes or additions you wish to make during the building process and how they make affect your budget. Will the person your meet with be the one running your job? Having a hands on approach is key to the success of any project to assure your wishes get communicated and carried out to the field personnel from the carpenters to the plumber.

4. Ask for references and tour examples of completed homes. Call previous clients and ask questions about their overall satisfaction. Base your decision on the builder's competence, reputation, professionalism, and experience. Be wary of builders who don't have a long term relationship with past clients.

5. Building a Custom Home is not a do-it-yourself project. A qualified General Contractor can actually save you money through quicker build times, negotiated rates with preferred and time-tested sub-contractors, wholesale pricing with supplies, and reduced opportunity for costly mistakes. Your builder will also have a relationship with local building officials and code enforcers to ensure your home is built to the most current codes and regulations.




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