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What Should you Expect from your General Contractor

What should you expect from your General Contractor on a custom home project?

Services can vary greatly from a guy with a pick up truck and a cell phone, to fully staffed office with bookkeeping, design staff, and on- site Contractor/Builder, and staff carpenters and crew. What you need may depend on your time, personal experience and expertise, and budget.

Builder's overhead and supervision may seem like additional expense at first glance. However, this support staff may actually save you time and money in the long run.

One of the most critical aspects of a custom home project is scheduling and good subcontractors. A reputable, experienced General Contractor will have long standing relationships with the best plumbers, electricians, painters and other subs needed to build your home. These suppliers will respond best to a builder they know will give their company future on-going work rather than a one time homeowner build for both response time and rate.

Having office staff to do leg work, research, track bids, billing, payments etc. also makes the process smoother and communication better. This staff assures not only that the bids are in line for the work proposed, but also assure proper liability insurance is in place for the duration of the project. Lenders have specific protocol for inspections, draw requests and lien waivers that's full time bookkeeping and office staff will get done in a timely manner.

In- house design staff will have the expertise and product knowledge to get you the look you want without you spending time and energy running all over town and on-line to find the materials needed for your home finishes. These resources will also come at volume purchase savings in the form of designer or contractor discounts not offered to the public. This design staff can also keep you from making mistakes in your door swings, lighting plan and other space planning and lifestyle decisions. In- house design is typically tens of thousands of dollars less than hiring an outside firm and can make the communication to the contractor more efficient.

On-site Contractor and builder and staff carpenters assures the quality of construction from project to project. No risk that a low bid crew cuts corners, or fails to show up for days or weeks due to winter road conditions or other excuses.

When choosing your Custom Home Builder, take the time to visit previous homes built to see quality of construction. Follow up with references about the client experience, and meet the entire support staff. When you understand the roll of the entire Contractor Team, you will appreciate the work and services they can provide and feel good about the Team that has your back.



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