How do we get started with Mountain Log Homes of Colorado?

Mountain Log Homes will walk you through the entire process. Firs you need to determine if you prefer Full Log, Timber Frame, Log Accented or Panel Home. We will provide some basic floor plan options as a starting point, and will work closely with you to adjust the design. We rarely build a floor plan exactly as provided by the log "plan book" but rather use these as a jumping off point for your unique vision.

The log suppliers have a team of draftsmen and architects that will convert our sketches to engineered building plans. Expect to invest $2-5 per square foot for blue prints. Once you approve your personalized plans,  we can provide you with a construction budget and guide you through the loan and permitting process.

If you have your own architect, bring us your plans for review and we will do a realistic construction budget and assure they meet local standards and Building Codes.

Are log homes more expensive than framed homes?

Design and finishes of comparable homes can affect the cost of any custom home. Some floor plans are not designed to be Log nor Timber Frame homes because of numerous corners and complexity of the roof system. The main cost difference for a Log or Timber Frame home is due to the vaulted ceilings and log and larger timber purlins and trusses. You can choose a floor plan and roof design to fit your budget.

Log walls are finished on the outside and inside of a home and do not require the labor and lumber of interior framing, insulation, drywall, and a siding or stone masonry on the exterior, and can actually cost less per square foot than a framed walls on a home with a natural stone exterior finish.

Your choice of log diameter will affect the price of your log home. Your building site may dictate a 10" or greater diameter to meet high country insulation requirements.  Timber Frame Homes typically are very energy efficient when built with SIPS, so may cost more, but give you better thermal mass and comfort.
How much does a log home cost per square foot?
For a complete Turn-Key Home, our current average building costs in Summit County can run between $275-$400 per square foot dependent on the finishes you choose, complexity of roof system, and development cost of the lot including permits, utilities, driveway access, retaining walls and excavation. Building costs can vary from County to County.

Our home owners have complete control over their finish selections which can affect the end price of the home. We will give you a detailed budget to work from at the beginning of your project so you can track exactly what you are spending and adjust your final finish choices accordingly.

We can provide features expected in a quality mountain home like Slab Granite counter tops, Radiant Heat, and hardwood floors for the $275/sq. ft. range. Your cabinetry, appliance packages, lighting and plumbing fixture choices may vary and add to the overall cost per square foot. Mountain Log Homes General Contracting services are an “open book” cost plus contract.

What is the R-value of logs?

Different species of wood have different R-values. Typically logs have an R-value of 1.5-2 per inch. When you add the Thermal Mass Value of 1.5 per inch, we typically attain an R-3.5 per inch in an exterior log wall. So for example, a 10 inch log would have an R-35 Current building codes only require an R-21 value on a typical 2x6 exterior wall of a stick frame home. The R-value and Thermal Mass will keep your high country home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Do you sell Log Home Kits?

Yes, we prefer to call them "packages", but they are one in the same. Our base packages typically are for the log walls and roof structure only. However, we can include stairs, windows, doors, and railings if desired. We can also provide the framing lumber & roofing materials.

Do you do the plans?

Yes, we can provide a complete set of high quality construction blueprints that will be required for submittal to your local building department. Most of our Log and Timber Suppliers will credit you all or a portion of the Construction Plan cost towards your package.

Do I have to use a plan from your “Plan Book” ?

No, all of our Log and Timber Suppliers have a variety of "stock" floor plans meant for inspiration and as a guide for you to take the best features of your favorite homes and combine them into your own custom personalized floor plan and exterior look. Almost all of our client homes are "customized" using a standard floor plans as a starting point. By utilizing our incredible design teams,  clients can adjust, make changes and design concepts to suit their own needs. You can also submit your own plans for customization to the log company's specs.

What should I expect to pay for my log package?

Every house is different. It is very difficult to quote price as there are so many variables which affect the cost of log home package. Some of these variables are: log species, size of logs, the detail of the plan, the number of corners, the intricacy of the floor and roof system as well as any special feature or individual touches you might want to incorporate into your log home. If you have an idea of the size or a rough plan of what you want, we can provide you with an approximate preliminary price. Call us for specifics. With suppliers like Pioneer Log Homes of BC only the log portions of the home are included and you still need all framing lumber etc. Whisper Creek Log Homes Panelized system is more inclusive and includes windows, siding, and roof framing lumber in their package. We can help you determine which components make sense to secure from the Timber Supplier based on your home design and location.

Is freight included in the price of the log shell package?

The homeowner is responsible for the cost of the freight to the building site. A 2500 sf home should be 2-3 trucks. Freight from Hamilton MT currently around $3500 per truck. Freight approx. $5000 per truck from Canada or PA.

How long will it take to build my log home?

Clients should allow a minimum of 4-6 months for plan design, budgeting, site plan and financing commitment prior to permitting. You can never start too soon!

There are basically three time phases in getting your log home to you. The first phase is the planning and design phase which varies, depending on the uniqueness of the project. With plans, engineering, permits and site plans this could be 3 months to 1 year depending on the requirements in your area, access to the site, permitting and approvals.

The Erection of the Logs phase:

Milled Log Home Package: A 2,500 sf RMLH machine milled home can take as little as 4-6 weeks to craft in Montana, and 5-7 weeks to construct on your lot. The logs arrive in "bunks" numbered by log length. Our local craftsmen then stack and scribe each log on your building site, including cutting in windows and doors.Your foundation and other site prep should be completed before the arrival of your logs.

Handcrafted Log Home : A 2500 sf Pioneer Hand Crafted home will take approximately 16-20 weeks to handcraft at their yard, and the final stage which is the fun stage for you, is when we erect the logs on your foundation, which takes under a week (For a handcrafted home you will be working on your foundation, site prep and sub-floor while Pioneer is crafting your logs. This allows the logs to be erected immediately when they arrive by truck.) A crane will be required to unload and “stack” the logs the same day they arrive at your site.

The Finish Stage:

Once your log walls and roof system are in place it can take from 6-10 months depending on size of home to frame the roof and interior walls, plumbing and electric, install windows and complete all finishes.

On average, a 2,500 square foot home will take Mountain Log Homes of Colorado 12 months to complete from excavation to certificate of occupancy.

What is Turn-key?

This term refers to a General Contractor doing the complete job, from planning, permitting and construction and then you only turn the key.
Does my home have to be Chinked?
No, your home can be "chink-less". We offer a patented gasket system or if you like that chinked look, we can do that too.
Do you allow for settling and shrinking?
Most definitely! To ensure the least amount of shrinkage all our logs are low moisture content dead standing timber. We have specialized methods of construction to allow for shrinkage over the doors, windows and with all the support posts in your home. We go over all of these procedures and methods with you during the planning and design phase.

Where do you build ?

We build in the Mountain Ski Resort Communities along the I-70 Corridor including Summit, Eagle, Lake, and some parts of Routt Counties. If you are still looking for property, we can refer you to several realtors that can help you find that perfect piece of land. We will visit your site; suggest the homes’ orientation for views, driveway, and utilities. Remember the building site development cost maybe higher for poor access, unstable soil, utilities or steep grade issues.

What style of logs do you recommend?

We recommend Swedish Cope because of structural integrity, proven longevity, traditional styling, air-tight fit along their lateral scribe and interlocking saddle notch corners. However, we build any style log structure based on client log profile preference. Whichever Log style you choose, along with proper roof overhangs and foundation, your home will last for generations.

Brian L. Wray in
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Brian L. Wray in
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Brian L. Wray in
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Brian L. Wray in
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